Collaborative, competitive games that bring Finance, Business and Applied Maths to life..

The Global Investor Simulations - Finance Lab, Dealing Room and Trading Floor - transform trading on the financial markets into rewarding applied learning experiences.   Visit for more details.

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Use it in the classroom to support Maths, Business Studies and Economics.  Use it with all students to develop Skills, Financial Capability and Work-related Learning.  A...


The three simulations support many aspects of the Business, Accounting and Finance curricula. They are guaranteed to develop Key Skills, Functional Skills and Financial Capability...


Our simulations meet the subject area demands of Business and Finance courses. They also provide a valuable support tool for outreach and recruitment programmes...


Use the simulations for staff development and team-building. Sponsor an inter-schools event in your region or buy the resource for a local school. Facilitates links between...

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Use these exciting simulations to support:

  • Maths
  • Business Studies & Economics
  • Team Building
  • Financial Capability
  • Enterprise
  • Work-related Learning
  • Key Skills
  • Modern Languages

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“I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in Stock Market Challenge. I feel I have had a very important experience and the skills that I gained taking part in the challenge will stick with me and help me in the future when I enter the world of work.” 

Kevin Campbell, Pupil, St. Joseph’s Boys’ School

"In the Dealing Room simulation our students used their reasoning, logic and mathematical skills to buy and sell shares. They made links between the demand, the supply and the price of a share.  This activity enabled students to use their mathematical skills in a real life situation. It was excellent.”

Maria Gretchen Garcia, Maths Teacher, Morpeth School

“Dealing Room is beneficial as an enrichment activity as pupils would have no access to something like this otherwise.  We will integrate this in to classroom use, mainly in the data-handling component of the GCSE course (graphs, averages, etc.).”

Dominic McNabb, Maths Teacher, Glengormley High School

“Dealing Room helps with both classroom teaching and enrichment.  It’s an excellent resource for using Maths across subjects and enhances numeracy in any subject.”

Michelle McCoy, Business Studies Teacher, St. Joseph’s Grammar

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