A Maths and Business Skills Trading Floor Challenge

Stock Market Challenge

Stock Market Challenge will give your pupils the opportunity to experience the excitement of dealing on a live stock market trading floor in competition with other regional schools.

Your pupils will be trading in company stocks and foreign exchange just like brokers do on trading floors and on-line all over the world every day.

Your pupils will:

  • Take part in an innovative and exciting activity
  • Compete against other schools from across the region
  • Trade on a live dealing room floor and win individual prizes
  • Be introduced to new opportunities at university
  • Work alongside university student ambassadors

Developing their skills

Taking part in Stock Market Challenge will show pupils what it would be like to work as a trader on the financial markets. They will be buying and selling shares and currency just like professional traders do on trading floors and in offices in cities across the world.

The most valuable thing they will learn from Stock Market Challenge is how to use and develop some of the key skills that they’ll need for university or any job, whichever career they choose to follow.

Subject areas supported

Applied Maths, STEM, Business Studies, Economics, Key Skills, Financial Capability, Enterprise, and Work-related Learning.

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Preparation materials

The event will give your pupils the opportunity to experience the excitement of dealing on a live stock market trading floor in competition with other local schools and colleges.

The Teacher's and Student's Guide will help the organising teacher in each school introduce the game to their students.  Don't worry if you don't get much time to prepare before the event; students will be fully briefed before the game starts.

The materials include a sample of the game newspaper so that students can familiarise themselves with the game's content in advance.

The risk assessment covers all aspects of the activity itself.  Please contact us if you need a separate one for the venue.

NB: Some of the information in the guides may vary slightly from event to event.

Download the file: Teacher's Guide

Download the file: Student's Guide

Download the file: Monday's Newspaper

Download the file: Risk Assessment

Download the file: Stock Market Challenge Flyer

Participating Schools:

Biddulph High School
Moorside High School
Ruskin Community High School
Sandbach School (Boys)
St. Peter’s Academy
The Co-Operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent
The Discovery Academy
The Kings CE School

Inter-schools Events

  • Higher Horizons+
    A Maths and Business Skills Trading Floor Challenge

Where & when

Tuesday 17th April 2018
9:30am to 2:10pm
Keele Hall
Keele University

Who should attend

Open to Year 10 NCOP target learners.

If you would like help identifying NCOP target learners, please contact Abigail Keay at a.keay@keele.ac.uk or 01782 734169.

Contact us on 01225 484721

...or at mail@globalinvestorsims.com

“The hall was a hive of activity as students watched the screens with nervous anticipation. Cries of joy and pain could be heard throughout the college as share prices rose and fell. This was a fantastic challenge.”

Ralph Plummer, Assistant Head, Business & Enterprise, St. Joseph's Catholic College, Swindon

"I used Trading Floor for a mixed ability Year 9 enterprise day and the kids loved it. It kept them entertained for five hours of a school day, which is very rare!"

Simon Davies, Maths Teacher, Downlands School, Hampshire

"I worked with 10 schools in the South East and was delighted with the response of the students. Both girls and boys were enthusiastically engaged as they learnt about the risk-return trade-offs of investing. They also benefitted from the opportunities that Gobal Investor provides for developing and applying Maths skills."

Helena Mullins, Consultant, London Region, Pfeg

"Our students gained in self-confidence from reaching the final of this prestigious competition.  It also gave them a taste of the real world of finance."

Iolo Jones, Psychology Teacher, Ysgol Gyfun Glantaf